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Life Coach Certification Cohort


Master Life Coach Laverne 
Lead Instructor 

Specializing in 17+ years of experience in coaching, mentoring, teaching, training and developing men, women and youth in the urban community, Coach Laverne pours everything she knows into each future coach. Her mission and desire is to rebuild, revitalize and restore communities of color through establishing one coach at a time. The successful launch of one certified coach can impact the lives of thousands. Taking this course will prepare you to transform the lives of others and for yourself.

Don't Just Be Any Coach, Become A Certified Coach

Program Benefits

Personal & Professional Coach certification 

Become Certified to coach individuals 1 on 1 and in corporate settings.

course offerings

Instructors will guide you through 10 Modules that will prepare your coaching career for various personal and professional environments. Some course topics are:
Essentials & Techniques of Coaching Specialization Training
Mastering Client Success Strategies
Corporate Contracts & Agreements Business Development & Protection

Program Bonuses:

Coaching Training Manual
Certification & Transcript

class schedule

5 Week Program

Monday, Thursday or Saturday


Virtual Only

Appt. Only 

Each Session will be facilitated by BDL Certified Life Coaches & Trained Instructors.


Business mentorship

Build your personal and professional coaching business post certification with 1 on 1 mentorship guiding you through :


  1. Balancing Entrepreneurship While Working a 9-5pm

  2. Successful Transition to Full Time Entrepreneurship

  3. Securing Your First Client

  4. Corporate Contract Guidance

  5. Building Profit 7 Ways

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